Immigration social worker  

People choose to come to the UK in search of work and a better standard of life, or because they are fleeing war-torn homelands and countries where a lifestyle similar to that of a British citizen’s is practically impossible. Immigrants can also be the partners and families of British citizens or of foreign people who have already gained legal residence in the UK.

Many migrants and asylum seekers come to the UK dreaming of a new life, but without the support of social workers and social work reports for immigration that life could be impossible.

Social Work Reports and Benefits to Migrants

After travelling to the UK and residing for a certain length of time, migrants will find that whether they are permitted to stay permanently rests on a decision made by the UK Border Agency (UKBA) or the British courts. Often these institutions base their decisions on reports compiled by social workers, so a social worker’s assistance to immigrants can be invaluable.

A Social Circumstances assessment and report for the UKBA or court can be key in deciding whether a child or family is allowed to remain in the UK. Since 9th July 2012 any child who has lived in the UK for seven years can apply to remain under Private Life, and in such cases Social Circumstances reports are integral to the application.

These assessments can also examine the needs of a family that is hoping to remain in the UK. A social worker looks at their emotional, practical and cultural needs, as well as their reasons for wanting to stay in Britain. If the social worker supports their application their backing will be communicated to the court of UKBA.

Independent social worker reports can be vital when a court or the UKBA are considering an immigration case. These reports can therefore make a huge difference to the life of a foreign person or family wanting to improve their standard of life by coming to the UK.

Independent social workers are available to discuss your circumstances with if you are hoping to gain permanent residency in the UK. Their assessments and reports could be contributing evidence that you have the right to remain in Britain. To discuss your case please contact us on 07548031234