The semi-independent house is staffed 24 hours a day. The level of support provided will be increased or decreased as required and in consultation with the placing authority to meet individual needs.

Welcome Pack

Each young person will receive a welcome pack and it will include all the essentials needed assuming the young person is placed with no belonging. i.e. toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, medium size clothes, socks, etc…


Our staff team assesses and documents every aspect of the young person’s daily living to establish their level of independence and what areas require support to develop. Our staff then consults with our onsite Independent Social Worker on daily bases to ascertain how best to approach and tail the support package to better facilitate engagement with the young people.

We use one of the three resources depending on the young persons need and preferences.

  • “Getting Ready for Adult Life” programme (Published by Rainer, National Leaving Care Advisory Service and The Fostering Network).
  • Life in Your Hand – Published by CORAM
  • Some Local Authorities have their own programs and vision in how to support the young people and we also adapt our approach to meet their needs.

We also strongly encourage and support our residents in accessing employment, education and training and have strong links within Berkshire.

Key-working sessions help young people build up skills in areas that require extra provision until a safe level of independence is achieved and young people can then be supported in the transition to their own home.

There is no timescale for when a young person should be ready for his or her own home. This is done to ensure the young person is ready and prepared before taking this major step in their lives. Over this time, they will be set up with their own bank accounts, passport, benefits and anything else you would expect someone living independently to possess. Our aim is to ensure the young person is fully equipped with all the skills needed to be indepdnent when they turn 18, however we do realise that not everyone will achieve this milestone, therefore this is why we offer support as and when needed post 18.

All young people will receive support with:

  • Hygiene routines
  • Maintaining a clean and safe living environment
  • Food preparation and healthy eating
  • Food and grocery shopping and budgeting
  • Joining and attending leisure and health activities
  • Accessing and registering with health services
  • Healthy relationships and safe sexual health
  • Education, training or employment
  • Family contact
  • Taking care of their emotional and mental health
  • Religious and cultural needs/preferences
  • Reducing substance and alcohol abuse
  • Safety and self-harm reduction
  • Appropriate conduct and behaviours/reduction of offending behaviour
  • Managing emergencies
  • Socialising and community integration
  • Attending appointments
  • Independence skills development
  • Bill payments, banking, savings and money management
  • Obtaining independent accommodation and accessing a tenancy
  • Joining the housing register and support with bidding for council properties
  • Self-esteem and confidence in order to reach their full potential
  • Support with attending legal appointment regarding criminal matters
  • Support with navigating the immigration system, attending Home Office Appointment.

Quality of accommodation

 Next Step Services believes that the young people thrive when they live in a specious and modern properties where there is ample of space to socialise, followed by having a qualified and experienced residential social worker.

In line with our ethos of delivering excellent services, Next Step Services have partnered with companies who provide business support and have a dedicated team to make sure all accommodation types meet at least these standards below however where possible we achieve significantly more and in line with House of Multiple Occupancy (HMO) Guidelines.

Our properties have the following and this is not an exhaustive list.

  • All working relevant smoke detectors
  • All certification up to date for Gas within the property
  • All working and up to date carbon monoxide detectors fitted if not contained within the fire alarms.
  • All certification for the relevant electrical items within the property
  • All properties are safe and secure with the relevant locks suitable to the property
  • Hot water/scalding risk assessment
  • Buildings insurance suitable for the accommodation type
  • Insulation suitable to property type
  • All appliances will are PAT tested
  • All carpets and flooring is of good quality and fitted suitably with the relevant underlay when necessary
  • Utensils and Bedding supplied when necessary
  • All furnishings will be fire retardant and brand new.