Age Assessment – Merton Compliant

An independent age assessment from two Social Workers who have undergone training in the holistic and thorough completion of the Merton template…….

Human Rights Assessment & Social Worker Report for Immigration    

The use of a Social Circumstances assessment and report for the UKBA or court can assist the decision makers in whether to allow a child and family to remain in the UK…….

Section 7 Reports

This assessment and subsequent report informs the court of a child’s wishes and feelings in cases where parents no longer live together and continue to disagree about where their child should live or what contact they will have with the absent parent……. 

Immigration and Consultancy Service

People choose to come to the UK in search of work and a better standard of life, or because they are fleeing war-torn homelands and countries where a lifestyle similar to that of a British citizen’s is practically impossible……..

Contact Supervision

More than a million children have no contact whatsoever with one or other parent after separation. Unfortunately some…….

Fostering Assessment (Form F)

To become a foster carer, you must complete what is known as a Form F assessment. Form F is just the name of the form used to show that you have completed all the stages of the assessment and are ready to go to panel……..