To become a foster carer, one must complete what is known as a Form F assessment. Form F is just the name of the form used to show that you have completed all the stages of the assessment and are ready to go to panel. There are 2 stages of the assessment: Stage 1 is the completion of several different checks, including criminal records and medical, which will show that there is no reason why you shouldn’t proceed to the Stage 2 of the process. You may also attend a training course during this time called Skills to Foster; this course will give you a chance to meet other candidates and to learn more about fostering.

Stage 2 is a much more personal process in which you will have a number of regular meetings with one of our social workers (who may well become your Supervising Social Worker if you are successful) and be asked to talk about your adult life and relationships, your early childhood experiences, your work and your family life.

Depending on how things go the whole process (Stage 1 and Stage 2) will probably last over a period of a few months and then you will be asked to sign the completed form before attending the fostering panel for your region.


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